Sunday, 26 September 2010

Night Science IV - Zine (mini) review

Cipher Productions is based in Australia and they have come up with something truly special for their 4th issue of noise zine Night Science.

150 odd pages of reviews and interviews, with some small and informative advertising that never imposes itself on the pages. Interviews include the awesome Hum of the Druid's protagonit Eric Stonefelt, who weaves textured noise and drone, creating pieces of neverending intrigue, combined with visual art that goes beyond mere complementary status and actually fuses with the sonic output in some sort of visionary symbiosis.
Other interviews with Golden Serenades - guitar smashing noisy motherfudgers (see video below)...

Kazumoto Endo, Raionbashi and The Haters - plus much more. There are endless pages of well-organised and intelligently scribed reviews that will have you pestering Pete over at Second Layer for a copy.

If all this shizz is not enough for you then it also comes with a beautifully pressed 8 track CD with tracks from the featured artists. The two Hum of the Druid pieces are worth the £13.99 price alone. Suffice it to say this is absolutely obligatory for anyone with a remote interest in the world of noise.

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