Saturday, 1 May 2010

Glass Coffin - Blood Of A Godless Moon

Glass Coffin - Blood Of A Godless Moon, 2009 (Skullrot Productions) Limited edition Demo of 50 copies - Recommended

Glass Coffin is the black metal project of Josh Lay, who runs analogue label fiends Husk Records - known more for handmade noise cassettes and 3" cds. Here, Josh explores his love of lo-fi early black metal with that underproduced sound that we all grew up on in the early '90s and guess what? It slays! Shit production value, harsh and raw as hell vocals, ominous guitar lines and quasi-militant drum fills are the order of the day, backed up by some memorable vocal lines and catchy hooks - yes they are there buried under the layers of feedback! A real nostalgia trip, recalling early Darkthrone especially - and obviously as Darkthrone were and are, influenced by black and death metal as well as dirty, filthy punk. Switch off the lights stick this little bastard in the player and scream 'Anti-Christian Warfare...Anti-Christian Warfare...Anti Christian Warfare!!!!' You know you want to.

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