Monday, 3 May 2010

Ramleh - Hole in the Heart

Ramleh - Hole in the Heart, 2010 (Dirter - DPROMCD73) 95%

Originally issued in analogue format on the legendary Broken Flag Records back in 1987, Ramleh's seminal, haunting power electronics meisterwork is finally available on CD thanks to Dirter Promotions. Indeed it's been quite a year for Ramleh lovers, with their first new album since 1997 - the bleak, unique Valediction on UK label/distro/shop Second Layer Records. For the uninitiated how to describe Ramleh? Well, forget conventional musical references and think of subaquatic half-heard melodies played through darkened tunnels occupied by the ghosts of a thousand prematurely dead sailors each emitting charges of pulsing electricity, captured in the form of EVP. Occasional vocals permeate the swirling sonic chaos, adding their own haunting fuzz to proceedings - working in perfect symbiosis with the incessant buzzing feedback.

The stark monochrome artwork is perfect and is reminiscent of the recent backdrop to the cinematic rendering of Cormac McCarthy's equally bleak, post-apocalyptic vision - The Road.
At times the impact of the vocals is almost like the Islamic prayers of a mosque filtered through a dense fog of evil static. I can guaranteed that even if this release is not to your taste, that if you track it down and give it your full attention, it will leave its imprint on you. It's an album that will not leave you, even if you wish it to. 2 discs so heavily charged with the voices of the dead that they practically levitate into your petrified CD player. The word essential has never been so apt.

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