Monday, 17 May 2010

Terje Rypdal - Crime Scene

Terje Rypdal - Crime Scene, 2010 (ECM, ECM 2041) 88%

Norwegian jazz guitar veteran and ECM stalwart Terje Rypdal is showing absolutely no signs of relenting going into his 64th year! A stunning ensemble cast consisting of trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, Stale Storlokken on Hammond organ and Paolo Vinaccia on drum and sampling duties contributes to marking this set as one of the highlights of Rypdal's career. Commissioned by Nattjazz, Bergen, 'Crime Scene' is as its title would suggest, an exploration and homage to the Crime genre, aided and abetted by well-integrated and utterly inspiring samples from choice movies, ranging from the infamous 'fava bean' quote by Hannibal Lector, to the De Niro 'you talkin' da me?' shenanigans. The deliciously sombre trumpetting is in fact a major highlight and sets as much of the mood as Rypdal's unmistakable guitar playing. The sound quality, being ECM, is impeccable and the 14 tracks merge together as seamlessly as continents, providing a perfectly knitted listening experience that will, I feel, appeal to jazz and experimental fanatics as well as those like myself who cherry-pick from genres according to mood, atmosphere and musical power. One of the highlights of the year so far, for me.

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