Friday, 24 September 2010


Having been ill for a substantial period I finally succombed to a period of time of work and unfortunately this site has been rather neglected (well, totally left for dead more like!). I was initially rather naive about how much time I might have to post here and with wishing to up the pace on work on issue 3 as well as concentrating on getting well, working on the record store's website and all of life's more mundane requirements I'm reducing my expectations of this blog.

Hopefully this will have the effect of inspiring me to post more regularly with rather more conversational entries and rather less reviews. Let's see.

Anyway - I hope I haven't lost all the readers out there and hopefully you'll find something here that will make your visit worthwhile.

This time, I can guarantee you that my recommendation of Christian Mistress will inspire you. They will be interviewed in issue 3 and I leave you with this amazing song...

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